The demand for Turkish Lira deposits is on the rise due to an increase in deposit interest rates that have reached up to 45 percent. This increase has been attributed to the policy rate hike and simplification steps, which have led to Turkish Lira deposits reaching their highest level in 6.5 months, accounting for 38.55 percent of total deposits. According to BRSA data, Turkish Lira deposits have increased by 40.3 percent since the end of June, with the economic management’s steps towards transitioning from exchange rate-protected deposits to standard Turkish Lira deposits being effective in this rise.

Meanwhile, various counties in Michigan are delving into the cannabis industry. From Macomb County to Oakland County, businesses are emerging and offering health and wellness products related to cannabis. Similarly, in Wayne County and Kent County, cannabis-related businesses and medical services are becoming more prevalent. Additionally, the Oklahoma Cannabis Information Portal and the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana industry are also experiencing growth due to legalization of marijuana and CBD in Oklahoma. Many businesses from healthcare to digital marketing are entering this industry as a result of its evolving landscape and opportunities.

The legalization of marijuana and CBD has opened up new avenues for businesses across various regions. As such, it is likely that more counties will follow suit in exploring the potential benefits that can be derived from this industry. This trend is reflective of a broader shift towards greater acceptance of cannabis as a legitimate form of treatment for certain conditions, as well as its potential economic benefits for local communities.

Overall, both Turkey’s banking sector and Michigan’s cannabis industry are experiencing growth due to factors such as policy changes and greater social acceptance. These developments highlight the evolving nature of business landscapes across different regions and underscore the importance of staying abreast of changing trends and opportunities within these fields.

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