Sharif’s party claims victory in elections

Pakistan’s Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has declared victory for his Muslim League (PML-N) party in the recent elections. However, independent candidates are still leading and have secured a majority of seats in Pakistan’s 266-seat parliament. Despite PTI not being allowed to participate as a party, its candidates ran as independents and secured 99 seats.

Sharif acknowledged that his party does not have a sufficient majority to form a government and invited other parties and successful independent candidates to cooperate with them. Independent candidates cannot form a government alone in Pakistan, but they can form a coalition with any other party within three days after the elections.

The PTI later posted an AI-generated video claiming that its loyal candidates had won the election, further fueling controversy over the results. The powerful military of Pakistan called for an end to the standoff, emphasizing the need for a steady, healing hand in moving forward from the politics of confrontation and anarchy.

Given that Imran Khan is currently in prison and has been banned from politics for a decade, the military’s backing of Sharif has fueled concerns of election fraud. As the situation unfolds, the nation awaits further developments and resolutions.

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