Garbage collectors in Perpignan put out strike fires

The garbage collectors of Perpignan Metropolis (Pyrénées-Orientales) have ended their nine-day strike, which was initiated by the CGT on Friday February 9. The strike had paralyzed garbage collection in the city and it will take at least two weeks for the teams to clear several hundred tons of waste accumulated everywhere, particularly in the city center.

The strikers found a way out of the crisis during a negotiation on Friday evening with Robert Vila, the president of Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole in person. The discussions lasted an hour and a half in the early evening with four representatives of the striking staff, although the general secretary of the CGT was unable to participate in the decisive interview.

The strikers obtained several concessions from their employers, including an increase in wages and a bonus of 100 euros per month. The two partners are given until March 19 to initial an agreement after the budgetary decision will be adopted by the assembly of the Metropolis. However, the days of strike will not be paid and the deductions will be spread out over time.

The real return to work will take place this Monday, February 12, with all teams reinforced by executives and department heads.

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