Bryce Harper Smashes 3 Home Runs to End Season-Opening Hitless Streak

On Tuesday, Bryce Harper put an end to his hitless streak in a remarkable way. The Philadelphia Phillies outfielder hit three home runs in a 9-4 victory over the Cincinnati Reds, marking the second time in his career that he has achieved this feat.

In the first inning, Harper blasted a Graham Ashcraft sinker 420 feet to center field for his first home run of the night. This was his first hit of the season after going 0-for-11 in the first three games. In the fourth inning, Harper broke a 1-1 tie with a line drive that just cleared the right field wall for his second homer of the night. This also marked the 1,000th run of Harper’s career.

The seventh inning saw Harper seal the deal with a grand slam to right-center field. With bases loaded and a full count, Harper’s 422-foot shot doubled the Phillies’ lead to 8-1. This grand slam was Harper’s seventh of his career and helped propel the Phillies to much-needed victory after a rough start to the season.

Harper’s impressive hitting performance on Tuesday helped him turn around a slow start to the season. His three home runs boosted his batting average from .000 to .200 and his slugging percentage from .000 to .800. This impressive showing came at a crucial time for the Phillies, who were looking to bounce back after a tough opening series against the Atlanta Braves.

Despite some concerns about a back issue, Harper proved he was more than ready to make an impact for his team

By Samantha Johnson

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