Patrick Holford, a well-known author, researcher, and advocate for nutrition and mental health, is the founder and CEO of UK charity Food for the Brain. As an organization, they are leading the charge in promoting brain health through better nutrition. For decades, Holford has been raising awareness about declining IQ scores worldwide, citing high-carb and sugar diets as the culprit. He believes that a diet rich in fats and essential vitamins and minerals is key to reversing this trend.

Mental health issues have become increasingly pressing in recent years, with depression, autism, ADHD, and dementia being just a few examples of conditions on the rise. This is why Holford emphasizes the urgency of addressing mental health problems head-on. He points to statistics showing that IQ scores have decreased by 7% per generation since the 1970s as evidence of this growing issue.

One major concern for Holford is the prevalence of mental health issues among children. In some parts of the UK, more than half of women are on antidepressants. With these alarming trends in mind, Holford’s charity has been conducting at-home blood spot tests and digital cognitive health questionnaires to assess participants’ nutritional status and cognitive function. The goal is to provide nutrition advice based on these findings and build a significant database that can help catalyze a shift in perceptions around mental and cognitive health.

Food for the Brain aims to make as much noise as possible about this critical issue through their work with NutraIngredients Europe Editor Nikki Hancocks on a podcast discussing their mission in detail. By raising awareness about the connection between nutrition and mental health, Holford hopes to make it easier for individuals to take control of their own wellbeing and prevent or treat mental illnesses before they become chronic conditions.

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