Boston Hospital Discharges Recipient of World’s First Pig Kidney Transplant

Rick Slayman, who received the world’s first pig kidney transplant at Massachusetts General Hospital, is finally ready to return home to Weymouth after more than two weeks of post-surgery care. Slayman expressed his gratitude towards the doctors and nurses for their exceptional care and support throughout his journey. He is excited about spending quality time with his loved ones without the burden of dialysis that had significantly affected his quality of life for years.

Slayman’s medical condition was severe when he underwent the groundbreaking surgery on March 21. At the time, he was battling end-stage kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. An initial human kidney transplant in 2018 had failed, leading to a pioneering pig kidney transplant. According to Massachusetts General Hospital, the pig kidney was from eGenesis in Cambridge and had been genetically modified to remove harmful pig genes while adding certain human genes to enhance compatibility.

Despite the challenges he faced during his recovery process, Slayman remained optimistic about his health prospects and those of others like him. He appreciated the well-wishes he received from fellow patients awaiting kidney transplants and saw this moment as a new beginning not just for himself but for others in similar situations.

By Samantha Johnson

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