Farewell to the Life Science Building: The Insider’s Perspective

A group of Pitt alumni has donated funding for the renovation of the campus, with a focus on building a humanities center. The original Life Sciences Building faced challenges from the start, including delays due to funding issues and ultimately its inability to be completed.

The identity of the primary donor remains private, but one member of the project, Hugh Mungus, has expressed his views on the matter. Mungus believes that a building focused on science is not necessary and finds the current design unappealing. He has also been charged with multiple parking violations by the Pitt-Greensburg police.

The estimated cost of dismantling the Life Sciences Building and constructing a new one is not yet known, but experts predict it could range from $10 to $15 million. The donors involved in the project are committed to making the campus more aesthetically pleasing and have expressed a desire to support further renovation efforts in the future. They believe that traditional architecture is more appealing than modern styles and aim to embrace it in their construction plans.

As of now, no start date for the project has been set, but revitalizing the campus remains a top priority for these donors.

By Samantha Johnson

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