The Bay Pines VA Healthcare Method is committed to safeguarding your private details and keeping the privacy of your protected wellness details.

1. Ideal to request an amendment
Veterans have a correct to request an amendment to any details in any record retrieved by their name.  The signed request have to be in writing and adequately describe the particular details the Veteran believes to be:

  • Inaccurate – not conforming precisely to truth
  • Incomplete – lacking details required for care
  • Irrelevant – inappropriate or irrelevant
  • Untimely – prior to the right time or premature

two. Ideal to access records
Veterans have the correct to request and obtain copies of their records. Click right here for further details on how to receive a copy of your healthcare records.  

three. Ideal to confidential communications
Veterans have the correct to request and obtain communications confidentially by an option signifies (in particular person) or at an option place (address other than the Veteran’s permanent address).

four. Ideal to opt-out of the facility directory
Veterans have the correct to opt-out of the facility directory. The facility directory is utilised to deliver details on the place and basic status of a patient in the hospital to people today inquiring about the patient. Veterans have to be an inpatient in order to opt out. This does not apply to the Emergency Division or other outpatient settings.

five. Ideal to a Sensitive Patient Access Report (SPAR)
Veterans have the correct to request their wellness record be marked sensitive. Veterans may possibly submit a written request for a SPAR. The report will reflect access to the wellness record right after the date it was marked sensitive.

six. Ideal to an accounting of disclosures
Veterans have the correct to request a list of all disclosures of details from records pertaining to the men and women. The facility is essential to maintain an precise accounting for every single disclosure of a record to any non-VA entity. 

7. Ideal to request restriction
Veterans have the correct to request restrictions on the use and disclosure of their protected wellness details. The request have to be in writing and signed by the Veteran.

eight. Ideal to file a complaint
Veterans have a correct to file a complaint if they think that VHA has violated their (or an individual else’s) wellness details, privacy rights, or committed a various violation of the Privacy or Safety Rule.

If you are concerned that your privacy rights have been violated, you may possibly file a complaint with the Bay Pines VA’s Privacy Workplace:

Telephone: 727-398-6661 or 1-888-820-0230

Laura Fowkes ext. 14626

Deanna Baczewski ext. 17029

Wendy Shaw-Hillman ext. 21216


C.W. Bill Young VA Healthcare Center
Privacy Workplace (001PV)
PO Box 5005
Bay Pines, FL 33744-5005

9. Ideal to a Notice of Privacy Practices (NoPP)
VA have to notify Veterans in writing how VA may possibly use or disclose their wellness details, how they may possibly exercising their privacy rights, and how they may possibly submit privacy complaints. VA Well being Eligibility Center (HEC) supplies the NoPP to every single Veteran upon enrollment for wellness care. VHA Types and Publications (

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