In the midst of the World Cup match between India and Australia at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, a pro-Palestine pitch invader breached the security cordon. The incident took place just before the first drinks break during India’s innings, and the person managed to get as far as Virat Kohli in the middle before being apprehended by security personnel.

The identity of the pitch invader was later confirmed as Wayne Johnson, an Australian of Chinese-Filipino origin. He was arrested and taken to Chand Kheda Police station in Ahmedabad. Johnson had worn a face mask with the design of the Palestine flag and a T-shirt with slogans “Stop bombing Palestine” on front and “Save Palestine” on back.

It is important to note that political protests are not allowed at cricket games according to International Cricket Council (ICC) regulations. As a foreign national, it is yet unknown what kind of action will be taken against him. The ICC has strict rules regarding political statements and actions at cricket matches, which are designed to maintain peace and unity among all fans and players.

Amidst this incident, it is crucial to remember that Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas have been engaged in a conflict since October 7th. It is hoped that both sides can come to a peaceful resolution soon so that everyone can enjoy the sport without any distractions or violence.

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