Better Business Bureau Cautioning Public About Scam Activity Following Severe Weather Events

After a devastating storm like the one that hit this weekend, homeowners are left with broken windows, fallen trees, and damaged roofs. Amidst all the chaos, scammers are taking advantage of vulnerable homeowners by offering fake services for repairs. These scammers often go door to door, targeting those in need of repairs following a storm.

Monica Horton, the president of the Better Business Bureau, is warning homeowners to be cautious when approached by individuals offering services after a storm. She emphasized the importance of asking to see a solicitation permit, which is required in Wichita Falls for individuals soliciting business. By verifying the legitimacy of the individual and their services before making any decisions, homeowners can protect themselves from falling victim to scammers.

One of the main red flags to watch out for is a solicitor pressuring the homeowner for upfront payment without any intention of delivering on their promises. It is crucial for homeowners to be vigilant and not make a rush decision when approached by someone offering services after a storm. By being aware of these warning signs and asking to see necessary permits, homeowners can safeguard themselves from fraudulent activities.

By Samantha Johnson

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