Louisiana to Prohibit Prop Bets on College Players Beginning August 1st

In response to rising concerns about the integrity and safety of college athletes, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board (LGCB) has issued an order prohibiting player prop bets in college sports starting on Aug. 1. LGCB chairman Ronnie Johns emphasized that this order was in the works before the NCAA’s call to action on college proposition bets, and is aimed at protecting the integrity of sports betting and ensuring the safety and well-being of college athletes.

Following reports of integrity issues and player harassment in recent months, NCAA president Charlie Baker called for increased scrutiny surrounding player props in college athletics. Baker highlighted the growing concerns with prop bets threatening the integrity and competition of sports, leading to harassment of student and professional athletes.

Several states have already banned or restricted player prop betting on college athletes, including Maryland, Ohio, Vermont, North Carolina, New Jersey, Kansas, and Wyoming. Some states only allow prop betting on college teams located outside of their own state, while others have no restrictions on it at all. However, many experts believe that a complete ban on college player prop bets is necessary to protect the integrity of sports and ensure that athletes are not subjected to harassment or other forms of mistreatment due to their involvement in these types of bets.

The NCAA has been working closely with state regulators to develop guidelines for regulating player props in college athletics. These guidelines aim to strike a balance between allowing fans to enjoy certain types of gambling while also protecting athletes from harm or exploitation. While there may be challenges in identifying players who are impacted by these rules, operators should make every effort to comply with them in order to maintain public trust and confidence in sports betting as a whole.

By Samantha Johnson

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