Puppy Yoga in Chicago: A Fun and Relaxing Way to De-Stress and Improve Mental Health – NBC Chicago

In Chicago, puppy yoga classes have become increasingly popular, combining the practice of yoga with animal-assisted therapy. Danielle Kerr, owner of Goat Yoga Chicago in South Barrington, emphasizes that this is a unique experience that exposes adoptable puppies from Second City Canine Rescue to potential owners. Christina Morrison, Development Director for Second City Canine Rescue, explains that these puppies are brand new babies that require socialization before they can go to their forever homes.

The schedule for puppy yoga classes is irregular and depends on when the puppies are cleared for adoption. Updates are sent out through a newsletter, allowing people to sign up for notifications on when the classes will take place. Morrison notes that the combination of yoga and playing with puppies has a positive effect on people, as they tend to leave the classes feeling more relaxed and less stressed. According to the American Heart Association, playing with a dog has positive effects on a person’s mental and physical health.

Kerr adds that participating in the yoga classes contributes to the socialization of the puppies, who are preparing for life in a forever home. This all makes the puppy yoga classes a unique and beneficial experience for everyone involved.

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