President Vladimir Putin is set to participate in the upcoming G20 summit, which is being convened by the Indian presidency of the group representing the world’s major economies. According to Russian state television, Putin will engage in direct talks with Western leaders for the first time in months during the online summit scheduled for Wednesday. The Indian President Narendra Modi has invited world leaders to discuss global issues such as COVID-19 vaccinations, climate change, and economic recovery.

Russia was represented at the G20 summit in New Delhi in September by Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov. The Western members of the G20 had previously attempted to isolate Russia following the invasion of Ukraine last February and had imposed sanctions on the export of Russian raw materials, although it had little impact on Russian policy. The Indian presidency has focused on finding ways to bring all countries together and address global challenges through diplomatic means.

The Indian presidency of the G20 will be handed over to Brazil at the end of this month. The Brazilian government has expressed its commitment to working towards a peaceful resolution of conflicts and promoting economic growth and development through international cooperation.

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