Abbas travels to Doha to negotiate a technocratic government in the PA with Hamas leaders

In a bid to establish a government of technocrats within the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) arrived in Doha on the evening of February 11. As head of the PA, Abbas hoped to meet with members of the Hamas Politburo and discuss his plans for rebuilding Gaza. The Qatari government, acting as a mediator in negotiations between Hamas and Israel, has been instrumental in bringing Abbas to Doha.

During his visit, Abbas expressed his interest in working with the Qatari government to organize a meeting with Hamas leaders. He hopes to persuade them to create a body responsible for restoring Gaza within the PA government framework. This body would be under international control and would allow funds to be transferred for reconstruction purposes.

The formation of such a body could pave the way for lasting peace in Palestine. With funding from international donors and oversight from international organizations, this body could work towards rebuilding Gaza and improving living conditions for its residents. It would also bring hope and stability back into the region after years of conflict and instability.

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