Press Release: Regent Park Community Health Care Workers to Host News Conference and Rally Addressing Crisis in Regent Park

The ongoing strike by community health care workers at the Regent Park Community Health Centre has put the health care system in the area on hold. These workers, who are members of OPSEU/SEFPO Local 5115, have been working tirelessly to combat the poisoned drug epidemic that is ravaging the community.

The crisis has had a significant impact on vulnerable clients, many of whom rely on the services provided by these frontline workers to stay alive. On Thursday, April 4, a news conference and rally will be held to discuss the situation and call on RPCHC management to end the strike. Solidarity guests from other striking workers and OPSEU/SEFPO Local 535 will also be present.

The Regent Park Community Health Centre was established over 50 years ago with the goal of addressing the health needs of its racialized clientele, most of whom live in a mid-to-low income area with precarious status. These workers provide essential services such as overdose prevention programs, support for addictions and homelessness, and primary care.

Despite their critical role in saving lives every day, these workers have been struggling with frozen wages for nearly six years and benefits that have not been increased for 30 years. They are demanding better wages, benefits, and a psychologically safe work environment. However, despite their demands being reasonable, RPCHC management has failed to prioritize them. As a result, community health care workers were forced to go on strike two weeks ago in protest of their employer’s lack of fairness towards them.

The ongoing strike highlights the need for better pay and benefits for community health care workers across Canada. It also underscores how important it is to ensure that those who provide essential services are able to afford living in the communities where they work without sacrificing their own well-being or that of their patients.

It’s time for RPCHC management to listen to its employees’ demands and take action to end this crisis once and for all. The future of our healthcare system depends on it.

By Samantha Johnson

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