Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and this has never been more true than in the current climate. In New York State, these businesses continue to face a challenging tax environment, made even more difficult by the impacts of COVID-19. As small businesses struggle to survive, it is crucial for both government and individuals to take action to support them and improve the economic climate.

One way individuals can make a difference is by supporting local small businesses. Many people have unique and meaningful gifts right in their own community that can be found in small stores and shops on Main Street, Market Street, Water Street, and beyond. By shopping at these businesses and participating in events like “Small Business Saturday,” we can all make a difference for the businesses that are so vital to our economy.

In addition to individual action, government policies can also play a critical role in supporting small businesses. This year’s “Small Business Saturday” event aims to help small businesses thrive by encouraging people to shop locally and participate in community events. On November 25th, we can all come together to support these important businesses and make a positive impact on our local economies.

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