Behavioral Health Facility Receives Another Citation for Safety Violations After Employee Hurt – Occupational Health & Safety

A behavioral health facility, Circles of Care Inc., has been cited by OSHA for failing to protect its employees from patient violence. The investigation was launched after a mental health technician was attacked by a patient on November 7, 2023, resulting in serious injuries. OSHA found that the company did not provide adequate safeguards to prevent such incidents and cited it for a repeat violation. Additionally, the company was cited for failing to report the employee’s hospitalization within 24 hours, as required by law.

Due to these violations, Circles of Care now faces $101,000 in proposed OSHA penalties. This is not the first time that the company has been cited for safety lapses resulting in serious employee injuries or fatalities. In fact, this marks the third time in five years that Circles of Care has faced such penalties.

OSHA Area Office Director Erin Sanchez in Orlando expressed shock at Circles of Care’s failure to protect its employees from the recognized danger of patient assault. These attacks can occur suddenly and swiftly, causing serious harm to workers and leaving their co-workers traumatized.

Circles of Care Inc. now has 15 business days to comply with the citations and penalties, request an informal conference, or contest the agency’s findings. The Content Editor of Occupational Health & Safety is Robert Yaniz Jr.

By Samantha Johnson

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