PumpMan NorCal and World Pumps team up to introduce smart irrigation technology to California farmers

Lumo, a smart irrigation technology company, has teamed up with PumpMan NorCal, a company that specializes in maintenance, repair, and replacement services for water and wastewater pumping systems. Through this partnership, Lumo will offer its Lumo One smart irrigation valve and Ops Center software for irrigation management to farmers in Northern California. These products allow growers to precisely monitor and control the amount of water applied to their crops, leading to reduced labor costs, minimized water wastage, and eliminating irrigation uncertainty.

PumpMan NorCal will be responsible for stocking, promoting, demonstrating, installing, and servicing Lumo One in all irrigation systems within the region. Devon Wright, CEO of Lumo expressed excitement about the partnership with PumpMan NorCal and highlighted the shared commitment to advancing water conservation in agriculture.

Jason Smith, general manager of PumpMan NorCal praised Lumo’s innovative technology and emphasized the importance of efficient distribution. The partnership between Lumo and PumpMan NorCal aims to set a new standard in agricultural water management by combining cutting-edge irrigation solutions with extensive service capabilities and distribution networks. The partnership is expected to deliver significant value to growers while promoting sustainability in the environment.

In summary, the collaboration between PumpMan NorCal and Lumo is expected to revolutionize agricultural water management by providing advanced irrigation solutions coupled with extensive service capabilities and distribution networks. By leveraging each other’s strengths, these two companies aim to help farmers optimize their use of water resources while reducing their environmental footprint.

By Samantha Johnson

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