Leaked: Apple’s Next “Tank” to Feature 5 Major Updates

As the official announcement of the new iPhone 16 approaches, rumors about its features and models are already circulating on social media. With several months to go until the official announcement, Apple is expected to bring significant improvements compared to the previous iPhone 15 family, with clear distinctions between the Pro and base models.

One of the rumored new features for the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro is a haptic button for camera and video recording, which would turn the devices into professional tools. The standard iPhone 16 models may inherit the Action Button introduced in the iPhone 15 Pro, allowing users to assign different actions like silencing the phone or turning on the flashlight.

Apple is expected to continue differentiating its Pro models from standard iPhones through differences in finishes, processors, screens, and cameras. There may also be changes in panel size, with the Pro models potentially getting larger screens. While this may see screen size increases for the Pro models, it’s rumored that the base models will receive a design refresh with elements from the iPhone X. However, it’s likely that these features will be exclusive to the ProMotion feature in order to keep them apart from regular iPhones.

The arrangement of camera lenses is also expected to change in the iPhone 16 series. A vertical layout enabling spatial video recording for Apple Vision Pro is rumored for all models except for those in entry-level segment such as iPhone SE or Mini series which might have a main lens only instead of having multiple lenses setup like wide angle lens but triple camera setup with LiDAR sensor might be present in some pro model which could be more advanced than others . Details about battery capacities have not been revealed yet but it can be assumed that they will receive an upgrade too. Overall big changes are not expected in number of cameras but there will definitely be some new features that set this model apart from previous ones.

By Samantha Johnson

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