Advancements in Israeli technology: AI-assisted biopsy

New Development at Sheba Medical Center Revolutionizes Biopsy Testing

Biopsy tests are a crucial tool in diagnosing cancer and determining the best treatment options for patients. However, the traditional process of sending samples to a pathology laboratory for examination under computerized microscopes can take a long time, sometimes even up to a month, and puts patients’ lives at risk. This is where a new development at the Sheba Medical Center comes in.

The artificial intelligence technology developed by Tel Aviv start-up company imagene has revolutionized biopsy testing at the Sheba Medical Center. The technology “teaches” digital scanning devices to identify countless characterizations of cancerous tumors within minutes, allowing doctors to obtain an “identity card” of the cancerous tumor quickly and accurately.

In the first phase, the Sheba Medical Center began applying the technology to cancerous tumors after being pioneers in digital scans of biopsies that were previously transferred between laboratories on fragile glass. With digital scanning, doctors can view samples from anywhere in the world and provide quick answers to patients even when they are not in the laboratory. This has saved lives by allowing doctors to make informed decisions about treatment options more quickly.

The computers in the pathology laboratory now work overtime, scanning thousands of different algorithms to identify tumor characteristics and mutations present in it. Within a few minutes, doctors receive an indication of the type of cancer so that they know what treatment and exact dose to give the patient. This advanced technology has allowed doctors at Sheba Medical Center to save lives by providing quicker and more accurate diagnosis and treatment options for their patients with metastatic lung cancer.

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