Voice Technology Increases Efficiency by 35% for Tasty Fresh

In the fast-paced world of food delivery, Tasty Fresh has proven to be a leader in the industry. With over 35,000 customers per day, this company has built a reputation for delivering fresh and hot meals, snacks, and drinks directly to workplaces. However, as their business continued to grow, they knew they needed to find ways to streamline their operations for increased efficiency and productivity.

That’s where Dematic Corporation came in. As a leading provider of automated solutions for supply chain management, Dematic teamed up with Tasty Fresh to help them transition from a manual operation to an automated system. The result was a cost-effective solution that not only improved productivity but also reduced errors by up to 50%.

The centerpiece of this solution was the Dematic Voice Directed Picking system. This hands-free and eyes-up solution provided Tasty Fresh team members with a seamless mobile device and voice headset experience that guided them through their workflows. By simply following the instructions provided by the system, operators were able to quickly locate, pick, and pack the correct products without having to constantly look down at their mobile devices or worry about making mistakes.

In addition to its benefits in terms of productivity and accuracy, the Dematic Voice Directed Picking system also proved to be cost-effective for Tasty Fresh. With installation completed quickly and resulting in a 35% increase in productivity, this solution allowed Tasty Fresh to focus on what they do best – delivering high-quality meals to their customers while maintaining efficient operations behind the scenes.

To learn more about how Tasty Fresh has benefited from this automated solution and see it in action firsthand, check out our full case study and scan the QR code provided.

By Samantha Johnson

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