Revolutionizing land-based farming through monitoring technology

First Water of Iceland, a land-based Atlantic Salmon farming project, has partnered with Animal Health Norway, a company specializing in pharmaceutical and technological solutions. This partnership will see the deployment of an innovative fish monitoring technology in land-based salmon farms. The FALCON Biomass system, developed with over 25 years of experience in fish measurement in sea net-pens, combines advanced vision technology with years of research to provide key insights into fish growth.

MSD Animal Health, leveraging expertise in vision technology, artificial intelligence, and biomass measurements, launched the FALCON Biomass at Aquanor 2023 in Trondheim, Norway. The system has already been successfully implemented in sea net pens across Norway, Chile, and the UK. The sale of the system to First Water marks a significant milestone for MSD Animal Health, as they partner with a forward-thinking organization that shares their vision for sustainable aquaculture.

The alliance not only strengthens MSD Animal Health’s position as a global leader in aquaculture technology but also opens the door for the adoption of vision technology in the land-based fish farming sector. The FALCON system utilizes current vision technology to provide real-time updates on animal growth, size distribution, and overall biomass. This information allows farmers to make data-driven decisions that lead to more efficient production processes and better animal welfare outcomes.

First Water of Iceland is excited about this partnership and looks forward to integrating the FALCON Biomass system into its land-based fish farm. This solution is expected to contribute significantly to the sustainable development and expansion of operations in Iceland while solidifying its position as a leader in the aquaculture industry.

Overall, this collaboration between two companies specializing in aquaculture technology is expected to have far-reaching benefits for both organizations while contributing positively towards sustainable agriculture practices globally.

By Samantha Johnson

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