New drugs will soon be available to patients

The Ministry of Health is proposing a reference mechanism in drug circulation registration to facilitate rapid and sustainable access to new medicines for the population, while maintaining safety standards. This initiative is expected to pave the way for positive changes to remove barriers and enhance medical tourism in Vietnam by increasing the availability of advanced treatments.

Currently, Vietnamese patients face challenges in accessing new medicines compared to other countries, with only a fraction of newly introduced drugs available in the local market. This limited access hampers treatment options, particularly for severe conditions like cancer, where only a few approved therapies are available.

To address this issue, the Ministry of Health is proposing a reference mechanism that will expedite the approval process for new drugs without compromising safety standards. This model, recommended by the World Health Organization, has already been successfully implemented in several countries and has shown positive results in reducing approval times.

The draft law also includes provisions to streamline administrative procedures and regulate the operations of domestic and foreign enterprises in the pharmaceutical sector. These measures aim to ensure stable drug supply, reasonable prices, and quality standards while incentivizing businesses to introduce innovative medications to Vietnam sooner.

Overall, the Ministry of Health’s proposed amendments seek to enhance access to advanced medicines, reduce treatment costs, and promote a robust pharmaceutical market in Vietnam.

By Samantha Johnson

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