Business Students Exchange Goods for the Benefit of Local Charities

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Professor Loren Dyck is revolutionizing the way MBA students learn about business transactions with his innovative course, BUS 551: Seminar in Organization Theory and Behavior. The course challenges students to think beyond just money when conducting business transactions by bartering for items of greater value within the La Verne community.

The unique project divides students into groups of four to five and encourages them to apply organizational theory and behavior concepts learned in class to real-world scenarios. Students gain valuable skills such as negotiation, decision-making analysis, emotional intelligence in the workplace, and enhancing communication within groups through this hands-on experience.

Dyck created this assignment to give students a chance to put their course concepts into action beyond traditional case studies. Over time, the project evolved, with students proposing the idea of donating their bartered items to local charities. Dyck embraced this idea and modified the assignment for each student team to find a local charitable organization they would donate their final item to. This addition highlights the students’ commitment not only to learning but also giving back to their community while applying course concepts and theories.

As we approach the tenth year of this program, Dyck revealed that over twenty-nine items worth over $8,000 have been bartered for various local charities. This year alone, students collectively bartered items totaling nearly $300 in value. These items ranged from valuable goods like electronics and furniture to more sentimental objects like artwork and antiques.

Dyck’s class is just one example of how University of La Verne faculty are fostering a culture of changemakers who are committed not only to academic excellence but also making a positive impact on society through service projects like these. To stay updated on all the latest happenings at La Verne University visit our news page at

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