Innovative Solutions for the Public Sector Uncovered by Ho Chi Minh City

The Department of Science and Technology in Ho Chi Minh City recently announced a program called Gov.Star to search for and incubate innovative and applied startup projects aimed at enhancing management capacity in the public sector. The objective of the first program is to find solutions that utilize technology and digital transformation to address issues related to managing public affairs activities within departments, People’s Committees, and other entities in the city.

The program is open to individuals, project groups, and businesses with innovative solutions applicable to managing public affairs activities at state management agencies, schools, hospitals, and more. Selected models and solutions will receive financial support and incubation to further develop and introduce them to departments and localities for practical pilot implementation.

Through the program, the District 1 People’s Committee has already piloted the application of Geographic Information System (GIS) for tasks such as granting business licenses and regulating temporary sidewalk use. The selection process for Gov.Star involves four phases, where project teams are evaluated based on criteria like applicability, capacity for practical implementation, technology application, creativity, economic efficiency, and social impact.

Participants in the program will have access to training, advice, and support from experts in technology solutions development. They will also have opportunities to connect with state management agencies better understand their needs better and refine their technology solutions and business models. Nguyen Viet Dung, Director of the Department of Science and Technology in Ho Chi Minh City emphasized that using technology can help solve specific problems faced by departments

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