Hanford Developing New Techniques for Tank Refurbishment Technology

Hanford’s Cold Test Facility has been the site of several demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of robotic equipment to navigate the space between the first and second shell of a DST, known as the annulus. Recently, crews demonstrated that robots equipped with cold spray technology can also refurbish a mock annulus floor. The recent demonstration confirmed the system’s capabilities and marked a significant step forward in potentially incorporating the technology into Hanford’s tank integrity toolkit.

Stephanie Doll, WRPS technical lead for tank refurbishment projects, expressed her admiration for the cold spray technology and its potential application for the Hanford double-shell tanks based on data collected during full-scale demonstrations. She also commended the field crew for their invaluable feedback and proficiency in deploying and operating the equipment, which has been crucial to the project’s success so far. By showcasing the effectiveness of robots equipped with cold spray technology in refurbishing the annulus floor, the demonstration has paved the way for further exploration of this innovative approach to tank maintenance at Hanford.

The recent demonstration has provided valuable insights into how cold spray technology can be used effectively to maintain and repair damaged or worn-out tank floors. The field crew played a vital role in ensuring that everything ran smoothly by providing valuable feedback and expertise throughout the process. With this newfound knowledge, researchers at Hanford are now better equipped to explore potential applications of this innovative approach to tank maintenance on a larger scale.

By Samantha Johnson

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