Modernizing an Industrial Business: Insights from the Chair of Honeywell

The former CEO of Honeywell, Adamczyk, believes that the company’s resilience in the face of challenges like Covid, inflation, and geopolitical risks was due to its strategic approach to digital transformation. As he served until June 2023, he oversaw the implementation of an integrated digital strategy that focused on increasing productivity, transparency, and agility through centralized data for guiding business decisions.

Internally, the focus was on simplifying and reorganizing the company’s infrastructure by reducing the number of enterprise resource planning systems, websites, and applications. Master data for products, employees, and customers was also defined. A strategy was then developed for utilizing this data effectively.

Externally, the goal was to provide clients with new value by utilizing information from Honeywell’s systems to track emissions, save energy and improve safety. To achieve this transformation, Adamczyk personally oversaw monthly meetings and operating reviews to ensure that the company remained committed to its path of transformation.

Adamczyk emphasizes that his personal commitment to this transformation is what made it successful at Honeywell. He believes that a clear focus on digital strategy helped to guide the company through challenging times and set it up for future success.

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