Google’s Maps app to introduce groundbreaking features for travelers

Google Maps has received a significant update that is now available in 40 cities across the United States and Canada. From next week, users can access lists of recommended places to eat and visit, including popular sites, historically significant locations, and hidden gems. The app will feature recommendations from sources like the “New York Times” and “Lonely Planet”.

Google is also set to integrate artificial intelligence into its search capabilities, allowing users to search for complete trip itineraries based on specific characteristics and requests. These itineraries will include information on flights, hotels, local attractions, and places to eat. Additionally, users can view detailed information about recommended locations, including business details, reviews, and photos. Itineraries can be exported to Google Docs or email for easy access.

In addition to the Google Maps update, Google has introduced new translation capabilities to its Circle Search feature. This new feature enables users to easily translate anything on their screen, such as an online menu or local events page. The translation software is currently available on select devices but will be rolling out to more Android devices in the coming weeks.

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Google Maps Update Brings New Features

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