The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is implementing a new technology to aid law enforcement in combatting violence in Rochester, N.Y. This advanced software has the capability to compare cartridge casings discovered by investigators and connect them to other gun crimes within minutes.

According to Monroe Crime Analysis Center Director David Phelps, this new system will provide valuable assistance to law enforcement agencies in Monroe County and beyond. The software will enable them to link a single gun to multiple shooting incidents, even in cases where the gun itself is not recovered.

Micheal Curran, the resident agent in charge at the ATF field office in Rochester, emphasized the importance of the speed of the new equipment in solving gun crimes. He believes that the swift turnaround time of this technology can potentially save lives and significantly expedite the investigative process.

The partnership between the ATF and local law enforcement agencies in Rochester has been described as a model for what the agency hopes to achieve in every community across New York state. Curran expressed his commitment to using their crime gun intelligence strategy and highlighted their successes in Rochester. He aims to extend this level of partnership and effectiveness to other regions across New York state, with a goal of benefiting communities and enhancing public safety.

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