In recent news, over 200 Russian doctors have written an open letter to President Vladimir Putin demanding the release of anti-war activist and artist Alexandra Skotschilenko from prison. The doctors emphasized that Skotschilenko suffers from serious chronic illnesses that require medical treatment and a special diet, and expressed concern that her imprisonment in a penal camp could further worsen her health situation.

Skotschilenko was sentenced to seven years in a prison camp for supporting the war of aggression against Ukraine, a conviction that the doctors argue was unjust and not based on a crime. They also criticized the fact that murderers and rapists are being released early, while Skotschilenko remains imprisoned for a nonviolent pacifist action.

The case has caused international outrage, with human rights organizations classifying Skotschilenko as a political prisoner. Her partner has also brought attention to her situation, as she has been in custody since her arrest in April 2022. Despite her denials of the allegations, she remains imprisoned.

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