Salvini Shares Insight on His Leadership: “I still have much to offer” and “Meloni Spotted Playing Cards with my Girlfriend”

Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Italian political party Lega, was confident in his abilities and leadership within the organization during an appearance on Rai Due’s Belve program. Despite acknowledging the presence of smart individuals, Salvini asserted that he still had much to offer and was not ready to step aside just yet.

When asked about any potential challengers to his position, Salvini responded with a curt “No.” He mentioned that the League congress would take place in the autumn, emphasizing his desire to avoid becoming stagnant in his leadership role.

In addition to discussing his political leadership, Salvini also spoke about his developing friendship with Giorgia, mentioning light-hearted activities like playing card games with his girlfriend. The two appeared to have a competitive spirit, with Salvini playfully referring to them as “two weasels” who hated losing.

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