SandboxAQ, a leading innovator in scientific fields, has partnered with NVIDIA to utilize quantum simulation platforms for drug discovery, battery design, green energy, and other scientific areas. The collaboration aims to apply artificial intelligence and simulation technologies to support these fields.

SandboxAQ Chairman Eric Schmidt expressed his belief that simulation is a highly promising future technological application during the announcement made from Palo Alto, California. He highlighted the role of rapid advances in graphics processing unit hardware and quantum information science in enabling the use of artificial intelligence for specialized applications.

The partnership between SandboxAQ and NVIDIA will leverage quantum platforms for simulating chemical reactions and forecasting scientific developments in modern chemistry, biology, and material science. SandboxAQ will provide technical advice to NVIDIA on its tensor network offerings such as cuTENSOR, cuTensorNet, Quantum Computing, and CUDA libraries. These libraries are crucial for modeling high-dimensional data and have applications in machine learning, data science, financial modeling, fluid dynamics, and quantum chemistry.

NVIDIA’s director of high-performance computing and quantum Tim Costa emphasized the need for powerful accelerated computing platforms in advancing quantum chemistry and molecular modeling. The collaboration with SandboxAQ is expected to provide scientists with the tools they need to make breakthroughs in material science.

Overall, this partnership highlights how advanced technology can be used to solve some of the most complex problems facing humanity today. By leveraging artificial intelligence and simulation technologies through quantum platforms, researchers can gain deeper insights into these fields that were previously impossible to obtain through traditional methods alone.

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