The use of data and statistics has become increasingly valuable for companies looking to digitize processes and improve efficiency. Effective data management is crucial in this race, and SAS has announced an alliance with Microsoft to advance the integration of generative AI solutions on its SAS Viya platform. This strategic partnership aims to push the boundaries of data management by exploring new frontiers in AI and advanced analytics.

According to a comparative study published by The Futurum Group, SAS Viya is faster and more cost-effective compared to commercial and open-source alternatives. The platform offers data management capabilities that extend across various sectors, making it a versatile tool for businesses looking to streamline their operations.

One of the key features of SAS Viya is its ability to detect bias in models, monitor model performance, and ensure accountability and governance. These features demonstrate a commitment to responsible AI, which is becoming increasingly important as regulatory bodies look for ways to ensure that technology is used ethically.

SAS has also launched internal training programs on responsible innovation, where its employees can learn how the software helps analysts use correct data processing techniques. This training program highlights the importance of responsible AI practices in ensuring that businesses are using data effectively while also respecting ethical considerations.

The use of AI and machine learning technologies has also been integrated into sports teams around the world, where they can find patterns and trends that coaches can use to develop better strategies for their team members. For example, the French Rugby team has only lost four official matches since integrating these technologies into their training regimen, highlighting the potential benefits of using AI in sports.

SAS’s partnership with Microsoft can help companies achieve greater decision speed by leveraging capabilities like synthetic data, digital twin simulation, and large language models. These tools can help businesses make more informed decisions based on accurate and reliable data, which can ultimately lead to improved performance and success.

Overall, this strategic alliance between SAS and Microsoft represents an opportunity for companies looking to advance their AI capabilities while also managing their data effectively. By leveraging these technologies together, businesses can unlock new insights into their operations while also ensuring responsible AI practices are being followed.

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