Despite the police warning to school principals to report the presence of Ivan Pernar, the former member of parliament continues to visit schools in Zagreb. Pernar, who takes photos and films minors at these schools and shares the content on social media, advises children against vaccination and promotes the consumption of Lugol’s solution, which can be dangerous for those without iodine deficiency.

The principals feel powerless as Pernar’s actions are carried out in public and children quickly rush outside to see him when they hear he is nearby. The Ombudsperson for Children has been informed about Pernar’s behavior, and while appeals have been made for action to be taken, Pernar has continued to visit schools.

Last week, several high schools in Zagreb received a letter from the police regarding Pernar. The letter, prompted by a request from the children’s ombudsman, instructs the schools to report any information about Pernar’s potential presence to the police station on duty. Despite this warning, Pernar continues to visit schools and interact with minors.

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