SEPTA implements new gate system to prevent fare evaders from boarding – NBC10 Philadelphia

SEPTA is taking a stand against fare evaders by introducing new gates and 3-D technology to replace turnstiles that have been easily bypassed in the past. Fare evasion has resulted in millions of dollars in revenue losses for the transit agency each year, but officials are optimistic that the new measures will put an end to this.

The new gates, which use 3-D technology to detect fare evaders and notify SEPTA police in real-time, were recently installed at 69th Street in Upper Darby as part of a pilot program. If successful, plans are to add more gates at other stations by the end of the month. The gates are the first of their kind in the U.S., with SEPTA CEO and General Manager Leslie Richards emphasizing the importance of paying to ride on SEPTA and how the new gates will deter fare evaders.

Crime has already decreased by 42% compared to last year on SEPTA’s system, with riders feeling safer during their commute due to the new security measures. Although the new gates may not completely eliminate fare evasion, SEPTA plans to expand the program if successful. The pilot project cost $1 million to implement, with plans to add gates at five or six other stations for subways and trolleys. Riders who do not pay their fare on SEPTA may face consequences as the agency cracks down on fare evasion.

By Samantha Johnson

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