England’s draw against North Macedonia last night may not have been significant for them, but their excellent performance in the qualifiers has left them well-positioned for the upcoming European Championship. They lost only four points throughout the qualifiers and are looking forward to competing on the big stage with great optimism.

As the qualifiers come to an end, English media outlets are already making predictions about who they would like to see in their group and who they would prefer to avoid. SkySports, in particular, has been trying to determine the perfect group for England’s national team. Let’s take a look at some of the possible scenarios for England if they were to be placed in a group with Albania, Slovenia, and Serbia.

On SkySports, it was revealed that Denmark would be England’s ideal opponent in their group, as they had won 1-0 against Croatia at the last European Championship. If Croatia were to finish third in their additional qualifications and advance to the fourth strong group, England would likely face them again during Euro 2020. However, if Croatia were to finish second or third in their additional qualifications and end up in a weaker group than England’s ideal scenario, then Denmark may still be an attractive matchup for fans and experts alike.

It is important to note that no strength groups have been defined yet, so these predictions are purely speculative at this point. The draw for Euro 2020 will take place on December 2nd.

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