Creating the debut album honoring the seven sonic wonders

To mark World Climate Day, Dolby Laboratories has released a new album that honors seven endangered natural sounds from around the world. The album features a musical score by composer Nainita Desai and was created in collaboration with wildlife sounds technician Chris Watson.

The Seven Sonic Wonders album aims to connect listeners with the beauty of nature and raise awareness of endangered natural sounds. Dolby Laboratories selected the sounds based on criteria such as ecological importance, geographical location, and historical heritage. The album was mixed by Kurt Martinez to create a deeper connection between listeners and Mother Nature.

Royalties from the album will go to the charity EarthPercent, which supports organizations with a significant impact in the fight against climate change. Wildlife sounds technician Chris Watson expressed his excitement to work on the project, hoping to transport listeners to the heart of these natural wonders through the power of sound.

Dolby Atmos technology was used to enhance the listening experience and take listeners on an immersive journey through the sounds of nature.

The album captures some of nature’s most iconic sounds, including the Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland, the dawn chorus of Lake Suvasvesi in Finland, and the song of a humpback whale in the Caribbean Sea. These endangered natural wonders are celebrated through music, giving listeners a chance to appreciate their unique beauty.

Dolby Laboratories is committed to using its technology for good causes and this album is no exception. By supporting EarthPercent charity organization, we can help protect these endangered natural wonders for future generations.

The Seven Sonic Wonders album is available now on all major music platforms and provides an unforgettable listening experience that will transport you into nature’s heartbeat.

In conclusion, this unique album offers an opportunity for people around the world to appreciate nature’s beauty while raising awareness about its fragility.

By Samantha Johnson

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