Laredo Health Department encourages people to get vaccinated for respiratory illnesses.

As we enter the post-peak season of respiratory illnesses, health officials are reminding the public not to let their guard down. While flu levels in Laredo have decreased significantly, with over 500 cases reported in the city, it’s crucial to continue practicing preventive care by staying up to date with vaccines.

Jaime Perez from Laredo Health Department emphasizes the importance of getting vaccinated to avoid getting sick. For children aged 0 to 24 months, the RSV vaccine is available until the end of the month for a $10 administration fee. Meanwhile, both adults and children can get their flu vaccine until June 30th.

Stay informed about vaccines and how to get vaccinated by contacting 956-727-6966. Don’t take your health for granted during this time. For more news headlines, visit KGNS website.

By Samantha Johnson

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