Ivan Anušić, the new Minister of Defense, shared his educational background with members of Parliament. He revealed that he had left high school at 17 to go to war. After returning in 1993 and completing high school, Anušić took out a loan to pay for semesters at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. Despite completing his undergraduate studies, Parliament made an error in assuming that he had completed his education.

The administration of the Faculty of Kinesiology confirmed that Anušić is currently enrolled in the professional graduate study in Coach Education. He completed the undergraduate professional study in Coach Education in 2021 and is now working towards his professional specialist title in coaching. Anušić has completed six semesters of undergraduate studies and is pursuing an additional four semesters for graduate-level studies.

Anušić is committed to continuing his studies during his time as Minister of Defense and believes that it’s important to put effort into completing the program fully. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share his educational background with Parliament and hopes that it can help promote greater understanding and appreciation for those who have gone through rigorous academic training.

Despite being a successful military leader, Anušić understands the importance of education and is dedicated to pursuing higher education while serving as Minister of Defense.

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