On November 14, Illinois State University’s data science, mathematics, and statistics undergraduate and graduate students had a thrilling day at JUMP OSF in Peoria. They were able to immerse themselves in data analytics, automation, and statistics, experiencing real-world applications and honing their skills.

One of the most memorable experiences for the students was the rich networking opportunities they had with industry professionals. This enthusiastic engagement marked the day as a tremendous success and helped bridge the gap between academia and practical knowledge.

The Department of Mathematics expressed its sincere gratitude to the data analytics, automation, and statistics teams at JUMP OSF for their generosity in opening their doors to the students. The collaborative spirit and commitment of the JUMP OSF team played a pivotal role in making this day a resounding success. Additionally, the department thanked the College of Arts and Science for funding transportation for this visit.

During their visit, the students participated in a job shadowing event where they were able to engage with OSF’s JUMP Simulation staff members. They also had an opportunity to further interact and learn from professionals in the field during a lunch break at OSF’s JUMP Simulation. Overall, this day was filled with valuable experiences that will benefit these students throughout their academic and professional careers.

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