San Francisco 49ers listed as top contenders for Super Bowl LIX

In the upcoming Super Bowl LIX, the 49ers are predicted to win according to odds released by various sportsbooks. Although their odds may vary from book to book, they are generally around +550. Following the 49ers as the No. 2 team are the Chiefs, who won the AFC Championship game and went on to lose in Super Bowl LVIII.

The Ravens, who lost to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, are ranked third. The Lions and Bills round out the top five teams but their positions aren’t uniformly agreed upon. The next set of teams include Bengals, Cowboys, Eagles, Dolphins, Packers, and Texans in varying orders.

After this group is the Chargers, Jets, Rams and Jaguars in that order. Caesars Sportsbook assistant director Adam Pullen stated that they have seen a lot of early action backing both the Lions and Chargers due to their strong seasons and recent hires such as Jim Harbaugh with the Chargers. On the other hand, Dave Canales is heading into his first season as head coach for Panthers which means they have long Super Bowl odds.

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