Tornadoes pose a threat to home-based businesses

Following the devastating impact of Friday morning’s tornadoes, home businesses are struggling to recover. Katherine Helms, owner of Renewed Roots Collective, was one of the many business owners whose homes were damaged by the storm. As a result, she had to move her business to a storage unit. However, this setback hasn’t deterred Helms from continuing to sell her vintage clothes and antique furniture.

Helms is facing numerous challenges due to the tornado damage. She has difficulty bringing in new inventory and keeping track of her items, which is causing financial strain for her business. Despite these difficulties, Helms is determined to keep selling her products and has plans for fundraisers and partnerships to help her business recover.

Organizations like Storm One Claims are working tirelessly to assist homeowners who have been affected by the tornado. Heidi Muniz, a licensed public adjuster at Storm One Claims, helps policyholders file claims with their insurance companies to begin the process of repairing their homes. For Helms, the road ahead is uncertain, but she is grateful for the support of organizations like Storm One Claims and determined to keep moving forward in her new normal.

To support Katherine Helms and Renewed Roots Collective during this challenging time, you can shop online or visit her booth at Rabbit Creek Market or Marauder’s Market on Sunday May 19th where over 30 vendors will be present. Additionally, donations are being collected to help Helms during this difficult period. Visit Storm One Claims website for more information on how they can help homeowners recover from tornado damage.

By Samantha Johnson

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