The Impact of New Technology on Eating Habits of Nazareth Students

Nazareth University in Pittsford, New York, has taken the concept of “farm to table” to a new level with the introduction of a Babylon micro-farm on campus. This unique and innovative micro-farm is dedicated to growing fresh herbs and vegetables that are used in the dining center, starting with the pizza station.

Philip Realbuto, the pizza chef at Nazareth, believes that fresh is best. He sources inspiration from Italian pizzerias and enjoys incorporating fresh ingredients into his dishes. For example, he recently made a margarita pizza with freshly picked basil from the Babylon micro-farm located just steps away from the kitchen.

The Babylon micro-farm was installed in January as a way to provide students with fresh, locally grown, and sustainable ingredients year-round. The goal is to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting produce and to offer students the opportunity to enjoy fresh herbs like basil, lettuce, and flowers grown on campus.

The partnership between Nazareth University and Babylon is unique and innovative, allowing chefs like Realbuto to have easy access to fresh ingredients for their culinary creations. This direct source of herbs enables the chefs to showcase their talents and create delicious dishes without worrying about delivery schedules.

With the Babylon micro-farm, Nazareth University is not only promoting sustainability and local sourcing but also enhancing the dining experience for students. By prioritizing freshness and quality in their meals, the university is setting a new standard for campus dining across the country.

By Samantha Johnson

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