Insurance rates keep increasing

The cost of basic health insurance has been steadily increasing in Switzerland, with both CSS and Helsana reporting significant losses in 2023. In 2024, premiums rose by an average of 8.7 percent and the previous year saw a 6.6 percent increase. The Swiss population should prepare for further significant increases in health insurance premiums in the coming years, according to Bern health economist Heinz Locher.

The healthcare system in Switzerland is facing financial difficulties due to rising personnel costs and other factors such as the higher cost of medication, the expenses for inpatient hospital treatment, the expansion of the benefits catalog in basic insurance, higher demands among the population for better treatments, and incentives for “overtreatment” in the system. Experts suggest various measures to address these issues and prevent an imbalance in the Swiss healthcare system.

One suggestion is to review the benefits catalog of basic insurance and implement Health Technology Assessments (HTA) to check costs. Another suggestion is to use indication boards for multidisciplinary advice on medical procedures, promote “Smarter Medicine” initiatives to avoid unnecessary treatments, and adjust the franchise to increase patient contributions to medical costs. Additionally, experts recommend making service providers more responsible by utilizing flat rates per case for medical reimbursements. By taking these steps, the Swiss healthcare system may be able to control costs and prevent further increases in health insurance premiums.

By Samantha Johnson

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