The four suspects in the Moscow massacre present at Crocus City Hall, showing signs of violence before the judge

On Sunday night, four suspects accused of carrying out a violent attack on the Crocus concert hall in Moscow appeared in court. The alleged perpetrators of one of Russia’s largest massacres in a quarter of a century were brought before the Moscow Basmanni district court for the first time. The suspects, facing terrorism charges and possible life imprisonment, will remain in custody for the time being. The court session was held behind closed doors to protect the families of the victims.

The authorities have not confirmed a link between the suspects and the Islamic State, an Islamist terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the attack. At least 137 people were killed and over 140 injured in the assault. While there are some connections between the assailants and Ukraine, there is only one confirmed fact: all four suspects are Tajik nationals who reside in Russia. The suspects were brought before the judge individually and appeared severely weakened due to their treatment at police hands. Interpreters were present as two of them did not speak Russian.

The last suspect presented in court, MuhammadSobir Fayzov, was brought in on a wheelchair and unable to speak or open his eyes due to his severe condition after being subjected to torture during his arrest. The other three suspects included Shamsidin Fariduni, who was visibly beaten and interrogated upon arrest; Rachabalizoda Saidakrami Murodal, who confessed his guilt in court; and Dalerjon Mirzoev, who suffered more injuries than initially reported due to torture during his arrest. All four suspects provided details on their involvement in the attack, including being contacted by unknown individuals with financial incentives to carry out the massacre.

The authorities have also raised concerns about involvement from mercenaries from Russian group Wagner and potential Ukrainian support as evidence leaks online that suggest such involvement occurred during crossing of borders into Russian territory. The backgrounds and family situations of each suspect add complexity to this ongoing investigation as it continues forward without any official confirmation from law enforcement yet.

It is important for authorities to continue working tirelessly to uncover all information related to this deadly attack on innocent civilians while ensuring that justice is served for those affected by it.

In summary, four Tajik nationals accused of carrying out a violent attack on a concert hall near Moscow appeared before court with signs of violence on Sunday night. While no link has been confirmed between them and Islamic State or Ukraine yet, all four have provided details about their involvement in the crime committed against at least 137 people killed and over 140 injured at Crocus Concert Hall on October 29th, 2020

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