Data reveals more F-150 Lightnings registered than Cybertrucks in March

In March, the Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, and Tesla Cybertruck were the top electric pickup trucks in terms of popularity, according to S&P Global Mobility data. The Cybertruck had 1,158 new registrations, making it the second-best-selling electric pickup truck after the F-150 Lightning, which had 2,893 registrations. The Rivian R1T lagged behind with only 548 new registrations during the same period.

Tesla began delivering the Cybertruck in November, with the first dozen owners receiving their vehicles on November 30. While Tesla has not disclosed the total number of Cybertrucks delivered, a recall earlier this year for around 3,878 vehicles produced between November and April indicated that this was essentially all of the models produced during that time frame.

Prior to the Cybertruck’s delivery event, there were approximately 2 million reservations for the vehicle, making it a popular status symbol among celebrities. However, some reservation-holders expressed hesitation after the vehicle was presented with higher costs and lower range than initially advertised in 2023.

In March, Ford announced plans to reduce its workforce at the factory producing the F-150 Lightning due to an industry-wide slowdown in electric vehicle sales. Tesla saw its first year-over-year quarterly decline since 2020 in April due to similar challenges faced by many automakers in meeting consumer demand for electric vehicles.

By Samantha Johnson

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