to Kevin Harlan’s Exciting Commentary of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory Touchdown

On Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs clinched their second straight Super Bowl victory thanks to a Mecole Hardman touchdown catch in overtime. The momentous call was made by Kevin Harlan, who provided an epic commentary on Westwood One Sports Radio’s broadcast of the game.

Harlan, who began his career as the voice of the Chiefs, has been a staple of football broadcasting for many years. He served as the play-by-play announcer for Westwood One Sports Radio’s Super Bowl broadcast, and was on the call for every critical moment of the game.

As San Francisco 49ers took a lead in the 2024 Super Bowl to begin overtime, Harlan was on hand to describe every move that followed. When Hardman caught a crucial pass from Patrick Mahomes to win it all for the Chiefs, Harlan’s excitement was palpable as he called out: “It’s caught! Hardman caught the ball! The Chiefs have won!”

Despite Jim Nantz and Tony Romo calling the television broadcast for CBS, Harlan’s radio commentary stood out with its energy and passion for football. It is clear that he is truly dedicated to bringing fans all of the excitement and tension of each game.

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