I Understand Why Forest City Condos Are Often Vacant After a Night’s Stay

In southern Malaysia, the luxury development known as Forest City stands tall. This massive estate was built by China’s largest developer, Country Garden, at a staggering cost of $100 billion. Spread across four square miles, the estate boasts towering apartment buildings and a white-sand beach overlooking the Johor Strait, with stunning views of industrial plants in Singapore.

Despite grand plans to house 700,000 residents in the next six years, only 9,000 people currently call Forest City home. During my first visit to the estate in May 2022, it seemed abandoned with dark windows in hundreds of apartments and few people on the roads or at the beach. However, my curiosity got piqued when I heard about a security guard at a local condominium who mentioned that only 20 people lived there.

I returned to Forest City eight years into its development and booked a homestay at a condominium unit for 70 Singapore dollars through a property manager. Similar units are available on Airbnb for as little as $38 per night. The owner of the unit based in China declined to comment on the story due to privacy concerns. Despite multiple requests, Country Garden did not respond to Business Insider regarding the status of Forest City.

The unpopulated nature of this massive estate raises questions about its future development and appeal to potential residents. Despite its grand plans, it seems that something is missing to make this luxury development an attractive place to call home.

By Samantha Johnson

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