Liver Cancer in Young People: What Leads to its Development?

In recent years, the rising rate of liver cancer among young people has been linked to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, and smoking. Dr. Vu Truong Khanh, head of the Department of Gastroenterology at Tam Anh General Hospital in Hanoi, highlighted Vietnam’s high incidence of liver cancer, with about 24,500 new cases in 2022. The trend of liver diseases affecting younger individuals, particularly in the 30-40 age group, has been observed due to these unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Alcohol abuse can lead to fatty liver disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and ultimately, liver cancer. Dr. Khanh emphasized the serious consequences of prolonged alcohol consumption, citing cases of cirrhosis complicated by esophageal bleeding in patients who have consumed alcohol excessively over time. Additionally, obesity and genetic factors can also contribute to the development of liver cancer, especially in young individuals who consume processed foods high in fat and salt.

Early detection of liver cancer is crucial for effective treatment and improved outcomes. However, the initial stages of the disease may present with nonspecific symptoms like fatigue, yellow urine

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