Method Man Resembles TikToker Who Proposed Theory about Older Appearance of Gen Z

At the age of 26, Jordan Howlett is often mistaken for someone much older. The viral TikTok video he recently posted only added to the confusion, as people frequently compared him to legendary rapper Method Man, who is twice his age at 52.

In the video, Howlett addressed the amusing claim that he was related to Method Man. To his surprise, Method Man made a surprise appearance wearing a similar outfit and intentionally mimicking Howlett’s mannerisms, further emphasizing their uncanny resemblance. Despite the comparison, Howlett saw it as a compliment and was happy with how he handled the situation.

However, despite this positive outcome, Howlett still feels that being mistaken for someone older than he is can be stressful at times. He hopes that people will start to recognize him for his youth and talent rather than his age in the future.

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